September 1, 2020 - A New Chapter Begins...

Today we started work on a big new contract. I can't share much about it yet, but let's say it's exciting and timely, and will be transformational for education if all goes to plan.

More updates as we go along.

August 25, 2020 - Climate Stack Calculator

We've been working under contract to build an interactive calculator to accompany a new book "Food and Climate Change Without the Hot Air" by Sarah Bridle.

The calculator is embedded in their web site and allows users to build up a stack plot of climate impact due to their own choice of food items, similar to the plots produced for the book.

Users can create their own lists of items and save them to the database for other users to be able to use in their own lists. For example, if you wanted there to be an item 'Burger with Fries', you could make that as a list from the existing items (fries, prime beef, onion, tomato), and add that as a new item.

Further updates to the tool are planned.

BuJo - Track your life!

BuJo is a neat little bullet journalling app. Track your life!

Main Calendar

Shows a summary view. Each day is coloured depending on what records there are on it, to a maximum of 5 flashes per day. Selecting a day shows the records for it, in this case for the 28th December 2019.

Tracking Calendar

In this view you can see detail for a particular track and 'paint' days on the calendar to record things. In this case, I've selected the track 'Bike Ride' so I can see and edit the number of bike rides I've done in December.

The calendar scrolls as normal so you can explore and edit other months. By painting days into the future, you can use BuJo as a planner too. Here for example you can see I'm planning to ride my bike on January 3rd, 4th and 8th.

Bullet Journal

Rotating your device from the main calendar generates this bullet journal view showing all track data for the current month. This view can become really pretty and colourful depending on how many tracks you have on each day, and the combination of colours you choose for them!


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