To Done - Bare bones To Do app!

To Done is our take on a minimalist To Do app.

We use it all the time, on every project, every day.

It doesn't make the tea or anything, but we don't need it to do that!

It does all we need it to, and it doesn't ask for a monthly payment :)

To Do

Here's your list of current tasks.

Add Tasks

Add your tasks, optionally tag them using square brackets, optionally flag them as high priority with the switch.

To Done

Tick 'em off when they're done. On the menu you have the option to sort done tasks by their creation date if that's more useful. By default they're sorted by their completion date.

Import / Export Tasks

They're your tasks, export them if you want. You can also import CSV in the same format to bring your tasks in from elsewhere. For a task that's not yet completed, just leave that field blank.

To Done - Privacy Policy

We do not collect any data at all through To Done.

There's no data for us to share with any third parties, or for us to need to retain or delete.

Hope that's OK :)


Feature requests (careful though it's supposed to be minimalist!) Issues? Start the conversation :)